Provence France 2024
SEPT 21 thru Sept 27

Join Bob Copeland and Jason Kinch as they guide passionate photographers in the exploration and discovery of the beautiful lavender fields and charming old world villages of southern France. We will be following the light. Our pace will be relaxed yet focused, always factoring weather and light while learning to work with what Mother Nature presents us at the moment for the best possible opportunity to create beautiful images.
We will be up most morning before sunrise and out most evenings while the light is at it's best. Our main meal most days will be lunch at a restaurant in one of many nearby villages. Wine anyone? After lunch on some days we will stop at a local market to pick up sandwiches and picnic items so that we can be out shooting until dark. The days are long this time of year and middays are hot. In the morning after sunrise and into the afternoon we will spend our time photographing the colors and textures in the numerous picturesque small villages. There will also be time for a break at the hotel to rest and/or download images. Jason and Bob will be available during this time to answer questions and will show you our methods for editing and shaping our images. We both look to create drama and tell a story. 

No matter your photographic expertise our overriding goal is to provide an unpretentious, interactive, inspiring and fun experience where you will hone camera skills along with a specific emphasis on producing powerful and compelling compositions in the company of other like minded photographers and artists. 

We invite you along to share our vision and our passion for excellence... an experience to remember.