This is an outline of our conditional plans that will always be dependent on weather and any other unforeseen circumstance. Our goal each day will be to put ourselves at the locations that best match conditions. We'll stay flexible. 

Day 1:  February 5   Workshop starts

We will meet at 2pm in the lobby of our hotel in Bandon, Oregon.

We’ll gather to introduce ourselves, give an overview of the Workshop and discuss some of the locations we’ll be exploring and photographing, communicate start times for sunrise/morning shoots and sunset/blue hour. We'll conclude with a Q&A. We'll then get settled in our hotel rooms before heading out for an evening shoot. A group dinner will follow.

Weather and light will dictate our exact itinerary each day.

Day 2:  Sunrise Coquille River Lighthouse, crashing waves at Shore Acres, sunset Bandon Beach

Day 3:  Sunrise shoot at Cape Blanco lighthouse, we'll move south to Brookings, Oregon with numerous stops along way. Possible stops include Pistol River and various stops thru the Sam Boardman Scenic Corridor. We'll end the day with a group dinner in Brookings

Day 4:  We will rise early for the drive to the redwood groves of Jedidiah Smith and Del Notre where we’ll spend the day among the giant trees, return to Brookings for a possible sunset followed by a group dinner

Day 5:  Sunrise shoot at Harris Beachgroup breakfast and slide show, Workshop ends


What About Weather

If it’s raining, we’ll be out shooting. If it’s windy and stormy, we’ll be out shooting. Dramatic weather often makes for dramatic images. The only time we will not be out shooting is if it is determined that conditions are unsafe or considered by Bob or Jason to be un-shootable. Participants, of course, will always be free to remain in their hotel room to rest or edit images.