The Eastern Sierras of California is an area of spectacular natural beauty. The area boasts a wide range of landscapes. From the rugged granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the unique geological formations around Mono Lake and the Alabama Hills, this diversity provides near endless possibilities for creating stunning landscape images. And traveling in the good company of like minded photographers, each striving to make beautiful images, will make for a rewarding and memorable experience.

Tour highlights include:

The Alabama Hills is rugged landscape of eroded granite boulders and arches located just west of Lone Pine, California. It's a favorite spot for photographers looking to capture stunning images of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mt. Whitney along with the rounded rock formations of this unique landscape. 

Mono Lake, located just east of Yosemite National Park, is a unique and beautiful destination known for its tufa formations, which are limestone towers that rise out of the water. Wide open views across the lake and sky makes for an excellent location to shoot at sunrise and sunset.

The June Lake Loop is a scenic drive featuring picturesque alpine lakes and stunning up close views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sweeping views of hillsides dotted with stands of aspen are especially spectacular when ablaze with vibrant autumn colors of yellow, orange and red.

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, located high on the eastern face of the White Mountains in California, is a forest like no other on earth. This landscape of ancient trees is home to the oldest living organisms on Earth, some well over 4,000 years old. The twisted and gnarled trunks of these very slow growing trees make for dramatic and fascinating photo subjects. Walking among these protected trees is a very special experience that quickly instills a sense of reverence and wonder.







This Photography Workshop is operated under a permit with the Inyo National Forest